Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny Jordan Sayings

Jordan has said many funny things lately. A few Saturdays ago we went to Masonic Villiage to pick apples at the orchard. As he reached for his first apple he said, " Is it lefty-loosey?" We quickly told him that that applies to screws not apples.

He wanted to play his Leapster with the cord because his batteries needed charged. I told him to go into the dining room to plug it in. He yelled, "Mom, can you take out the spark plug for me?" He wanted me to remove the baby proof plug cover.

We were at a restaurant celebrating Stefan's birthday and Jordan asked me, "Does that apple in my throat (his Adam's apple) have a stem? What color is it?" I guess he thought there was a real apple stuck there.

We never know what funny thing will come out of his mouth, but we love the sense of humor that God gave him.