Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday: Medical Visit

On Saturday we headed to the medical clinic for the mandatory medical check-up. There were three stations that each child had to visit. There was a height/weight/vision station, an ENT station, and a general health station where they observed the child's special need. There was a lot of sitting around waiting for your turn. The other families in our group had children over two so they needed a TB test.

The kids in our group entertaining themselves.
Our guide, Miko, filling out our paperwork.
She hated this part.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday: Trip to Zhuhai

On Friday morning we headed about 2 hours away to visit the place where Bailee spent the first year of her life. I had been told by other parents that the orphanage staff were very welcoming and that the place was very nice (well as nice as an orphanage can be).

We were greeted by the people in charge who seemed very interested in how Bailee was doing and were excited to see her. We were shown where Bailee spent her days and got to get some pictures of some of the children who will soon be joined up with their new families.

This is the director looking at a photo album from a family who adopted a sweet girl in July. He was so excited to see how happy she looked in her new family.
We were especially grateful to see the love that the sweet nannies had for our Bailee. We can tell that they shaped her precious personality to be as happy a baby as she is. One of the nannies, Lisa, was especially found of Bailee and cried to see her again. We promised that we would send pictures as much as possible.

This is Lisa.

Bailee's showing off her new walking skills.


This was hanging on the wall. Below it were hearts with well wishes from all the other children.
This was a sign welcoming us to the SWI.
This is the police station where Bailee was found in August 2011.