Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Trip to the Beach-Friday continued

 100_7632 100_7633
Jordan was picked to participate in a Sit N Spin contest and he won a cool t-shirt.
Taylor was especially excited to see the motorcycle show near the Steel Pier.  The performers were a family and the dad, mom, and 13 year old daughter all rode the motorcycles in the ball.  It was a really cool show. 
 100_7642 100_7644  100_7641
During the show a man passed out free tickets to ride the Sea Dragon (pirate ship).  Stefan and Jordan got to ride it twice.
On our way back to our room we came upon Gram and Grandpa Weaver.100_7657

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Trip to the Beach-Friday, July 23

Our Trip to the Beach-Thursday, July 22

On Thursday night Stefan, Jordan, Taylor, and I went down to Ocean City to walk on the boardwalk.  We started the evening with some Mack and Manco pizza.

We then played a round of mini-golf which was indoors and had blacklights.  Taylor actually came in 2nd place ahead of Jordan and me.

Here is Jordan showing off his blue lips from his Polish water ice.

Our Trip to the Beach-Wednesday, July 21

On Wednesday after supper we headed down to the Steel Pier which was almost straight out from our hotel. I had ordered tickets online so we got buy one, get one free tickets. The kids had lots of fun on the rides. Ray wasn't too sure about a couple of the rides that Jordan talked him into going on. When Jordan went on the Sea Dragon (pirate ship) by himself, I told him to go get in the back seat. I didn't realize that it went that high. I am glad he is adventurous. We also went to the Showboat Casino and saw The Show. The acrobat girl was wonderful. Taylor really had a fun evening riding the motorcycles. She loves motorcycles.

Our Trip to the Beach-Tuesday, July 20

On Tuesday we traveled south to Cape May County Zoo. It is a free zoo and very big. I didn't expect something so nice would be free. They had all kinds of cool animals however it was very hot and most of them stayed inside so we couldn't see them. We brought lunch and had to fight off seagull attacks while we were eating. After our visit to the zoo, we traveled down to Cape May and visited Sunset Beach to look for Cape May diamonds. After that we visited a pedestrian mall with lots of cool shops and bought some kettle corn and a fish ornament. We stopped at Applebees on the way home for supper.                         

Concrete ship off Sunset Beach

Supper at Applebees