Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Friends in the Bed

Every since Jordan moved from his crib to a bed, he has been accumulating things that sleep in his bed with him. In his toddler bed he didn’t have as much room as he does now so what used to be about 5-10 things is now about 30 things. I use the word things instead of stuffed animals, because in addition to the numerous stuffed things that live on the bed you will also find a plastic thing that looks like a pink sea anemone (his beloved Squirmy), another plastic ball thing that has soft spikes on it which smells like petroleum (named Squishy), a bendy orange rose pen (that he insisted we get at the dollar store), and two foam sunflowers in pots that say New England Organics (his dad got them for him at a Bio-solids conference).
The most beloved members of the bed are his favorite “friends”: the before mentioned Squirmy, a dog with big eyes named Pal, a small Reese’s Cup guy with arms and legs named Chocolate, a blanket with a teddy bear head in the middle of it named Bear Blankie (thank you Aunt Robbie for buying it when he was born), and the newest edition to the beloved friends-a dog named Bullet. These are the friends who get to actually leave the bed on most days and travel with him to different places when we go away. Three Build-a Bears also occupy the bed. They are Haney-the tan soft bear, the brown sugar puppy which is named Happy, and a cat named Fluffy Stripes Weaver (I had nothing to do with the purchase of this animal. He was with his aunt and Grandma Weaver.) Some other friends worth mentioning are: Ben Franklin Bear (we got him on our trip to Philly last year), Uncle Terry Bear (a care bear that he received from my uncle), a Beanie Baby white angel bear to remember Samuel, and a 1 ½ foot tall snowman named Freddie. Several celebrities also get to reside on the bed: Clifford (the puppy-the normal size Clifford would be way too big), Charlie Brown, Blue from Blue’s Clues, Babe the pig, and Dunkin’ the doughnut from the Doughnut Man videos.
Needless to say, the friends take up half of the bed, and Jordan gets the other half.


KK said...

Oh my word...that is too funny! I thought Joshua was bad. He likes all his animals, tractors, paci's and blankets. That might explain why he fell out of his bed the other night...lol!

KK said...

Wow the pics from the fair were awesome!

I had to keep a careful eye out looking for Jordan in each of the bed pics...I wasn't sure if he was hiding somewhere in there with all the stuffed animals...then I found him in the 3rd pic...lol! He is so cute!

Susanne said...

Cute! Morgan does the same thing-tons of friends in her bed too!

Amy said...

He's such a lovey dovey!!! Genesis has sooooo many and she has gotten her little sister addicted to stuffed animals, too. They even decided one day to take most of them off the beds and put them in the closet "to sleep" and it almost filled the closet. No Kidding!! I had a ton but I had to give them all up when I married a
6'3" man because he just didn't want to make room for them!

Nancy said...

I just love the last photo and I love that Jordan is eating an apple. He has such a huge warm heart.

Thanks for having me tonight. I really had a great time!!