Saturday, January 3, 2009


I like to play basketball. Today was my first game. I am on the Trailblazers, but I volunteered to join the Nuggets today so that they would have enough players. I earned a white star today because of my Christ-like attitude. In basketball you have to dribble, be a good sport, pass the ball, and guard someone from the other team. It is hard to play basketball. It is hard to dribble. I got tired in my game.
By Jordan

Jordan is in Upwards basketball at our church. This is a learning league with emphasis on spiritual growth and encouragement. They do not keep score and every child plays at least ½ of the game. Jordan’s team is made up of K-2nd graders. The kindergartners and 1st graders pretty much have no clue what they are doing. Today was the first game and the team that Jordan was going to play was short a player. When they asked for volunteers to play for the other team, Jordan’s hand was the first one up. So today he was a Nugget playing against his own team-the Trailblazers.
Because he was not at practice last night (we were at Sesame Street Live), he had no clue what he needed to do. I guess we probably should have had him watch a basketball game before we had him try to play. The first few minutes he spent twirling and skipping down the court. He did get to “dribble” it a few times. I guess he will learn as the season goes on. I can take comfort though in the fact that few other children knew what they were doing. It really was humorous to watch.
This is how he spent the last minute of each 6 min. period (3 each half) because he does not like the buzzer.

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KK said...

Great pics! It was so much fun watching the K-5 kids playing. They were really trying! Jordan cracks me up about the buzzer. Looking fwd to the next game!