Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

It is hard to see, but this is the famous M&M drop that E-town does every year. We have a M&M/Mars plant in our town so a giant M&M gets dropped at 7:00 every New Year's Eve. Why 7:00? Elizabethtown has a sister city in Litterkenny, Ireland. 7:00 in E-town is 12:00 in Ireland. It is very nice for the kids although this year we had freezing rain while we were standing there. We got there at around 6:55 and left at 7:02.

Our friend, Stephanie, and her friend, Nancy, came for New Years and we ate and played games. We put Taylor to bed around 9:30, but Jordan was still going strong at 1:00 am.

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