Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jello Bean Craziness

For the past few years I have been making Jello Jiggler jellly beans for Easter. In order to make them, I have three molds from Jello that I found at yard sales. Every year when I am in the middle of the extensive process I ask myself: Do I really want to do this next year? But somehow it always seems that I am at the Country Store (a local store that has bulk foods in smaller packages) in February or March and all the many flavors of gelatin sitting on the shelves seem to call to me to make them into Jello beans. So I pick out six colors/flavors and make them the day before Jordan's school party or before we go to my parents' to celebrate Easter.

This is the mold that I fill with a liquid gelatin mix. The first few years that I made them I struggled with how to fill the tiny molds without getting gelatin everywhere. I now fill them with a turkey baster. I got the baster for a Christmas (or birthday) present from Stefan and Jordan. I have never (and probably will never) basted a turkey, the baster's only purpose and reason it was purchased was to be used for the Jello beans. I have three molds so I can make two colored batches at a time. With six colors that means that I have to fill and empty the molds three times (after several hours for each batch to set). When the Jello is set, you have to take your finger and break the suction that holds each bean in its mold. It is not a pleasant thing.

I do love the look of the finished product and they are very yummy. I think it is like childbirth--I forget every year how long (not too painful) it takes, but I still do it anyway.
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groovy mama said...

I want to try!

annek said...

WOW! Joy, I'm impressed! That looks like a lot of fun and I bet your children will really have fun with those. Where did you get the molds?
Have a blessed Easter!
Anne in AZ