Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair Bow Clips

I am selling Hair Bow Clips that I made. They are two inch clips. The lined clips without a bow are $1.50 for a matching pair. The bow clips are $2.00 for a matching pair. Bow clips with grippies are $2.25 for a matching pair.

Lined Clips
Green, blue, yellow flowers and squares

Side view of bow clips

Aqua and turquoise stripes

Black and red polka dots

Blue and white polka dots

Blue and white stripes

Blue and brown polka dots
Brown with polka dots

Blue and green stripes
Green checks

Green diamonds

Green with polka dots

Pink and brown flowers

Pink and hot pink polka dots

Pink with polka dots

Green and purple strips

Red, white, and blue stripes
Pastel stars
White with red polka dots

Red with polka dots

White with black polka dots

Yellow with orange polka dots
Yellow with polka dots


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Cute cute cute!!!

Jen said...

I want! I want! I want! Please tell my mommy how to get me some of those! She will send you a check or paypal or whatever!


roomforatleastonemore said...

Yes, how do we order?

And, Joy, you know I am wondering exactly why you are selling bows??? ;)

BTW, thanks for the window cling tip. I'm going to look at our tax-free weekend, which is in 2 weeks. They office stores always have deep discounts, so I might find a good deal.

Please do tell us how to order. Why is it that bows and clippies disappear??? Like matching socks too???