Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Pictures

Right after we accepted Bailee's referral I joined the Zhuhai Yahoo Group.   A lady in the group is an American who lived in China for a while and volunteered at Bailee's orphanage.   I contacted her with some general questions and she told me that she thought my agency, Lifeline, was going to start a partnership with Bailee's SWI (Social Welfare Institute).
I called my SW, Mallory, from Lifeline to ask a few questions and I mentioned to her what this lady said.   She asked me what orphanage Bailee was in as she wasn't as intently studying Bailee's paperwork like we were.  When I said the name she got quiet for a minute and said that yes, they would be announcing in a few days that they would soon be partnering with three orphanages in China and Bailee's was one of them.  Then she said something that blew me away.  She was leaving soon to travel to China to each of those three orphanages.   She was going to get to hold my precious baby and get some pictures for me.   Out of all the social workers at my agency she was going to be one of two who were traveling and out of all of the thousands of orphanages in China she was heading to the exact orphanage where my sweet Bailee was living.  God is so good.
Well Mallory got back recently and today she sent two precious pictures.  
Here she is (8 months old):
I so much want to hug this sweet baby girl and get some slobbery kisses.

Please pray that our paperwork comes quickly!!!!!!!!


Leah said...

Those picture bring tears to my eyes!
Lifeline is based in Birmingham and I have a friend who has a Chinese daughter named Jamie that they got thru Lifeline...great agency!!

groovy mama said...

Oh so sweet! So happy for you all!

K said...

I know it's not nice to say it, but I'm absolutely green with envy! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad to have learned more about tessier clefts so that I can include them in my list of special needs I'll gladly accept when I use my last dossier.

We might be travelling at the same time, too. My teen is at the same SWI and I am waiting for LOA.

KK said...

Awesome!!!! Bailee. Is so cute and she looks like a happy baby too!!!

Jaime said...

Oh my goodness! She is just gorgeous!

the hollingers said...

Love the pics! We are so excited for you! We will pray for the paperwork to arrive soon.

The Hollingers