Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Next Step Done

We received our 800 approval from immigration yesterday in the mail.   Our approval date was June 28.  We hope to be cabled by the end of the week which is the next step.   We are still on track to leave at the beginning of September.  It would be wonderful to have our Travel Approval in hand by Bailee's birthday on August 18.
We are coming sweet girl!!!!


Amy Murphy said...

Congrats! I hope everything goes quickly from here. :)

Wife of the Prez said...

Can I just say their floor looks VERY CLEAN?! Way cleaner than mine LOL!

I know it might be for picture purposes, but wow, I'm impressed!

And look at your sweet girl, so STRONG!!!

in a world surrounded by men said...

Hi Joy, my name is Laurie and Brooke Collins sent me your way. We brought our daughter home from China just over four months ago. She has a condition called Hemifacial Microsomia that includes the lateral cleft that your daughter has. My life has been crazy and I haven't updated my blog in a while, but it is www.inaworldsurroundedbymen.blogspot.com

I'm excited to see your sweet daughter come home!