Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Samuel

Tuesday, August 5 was a sad day for our family. We lost the precious baby that we had waited a long time for. Baby Samuel was born at 16 weeks. We chose the name Samuel because Hannah had waited so long for her son and then had to give him back to God. We know that some day we will get to see him in Heaven, but we ache for not being able to watch him grow and see him here on earth. The staff at Womens and Babies Hosptial was so wonderful and we are grateful for God's direction in helping us choose that hospital for the delivery of our baby. We felt as if the nurses were grieving right along with our family and that was a comfort to us. We did get to hold Samuel and were amazed at how anyone could say that a 16 week old baby is just a fetus. He had 10 tiny fingers and toes that the nurses captured the prints of for us in model magic. They spent was seemed like an hour taking pictures for us to remember him by. Through the hospital's Share program we will be having him buried along with other stillborn and miscarried infants on September 9. We greatly appreciate all the support we have received from our friends and relatives at this time of sorrow. We can feel all the prayers offered up for us at this time and we need them. We know God has a wonderful plan for us through all that has happened, it is just so hard to wait and see what that is. Thank you again for all of you who have thought of us at this time.


KK said...

My prayers go out to both of you. I am so sorry, and I pray that God will hold you close and cover you with His love, comfort and mercy.
Karen Locker

Nancy said...

Brian and I are so grateful to have you guys in our lives. We are praying for your family. Please know that we are just a phone call away if you need anything.

Lord, I just pray that your hand will be on the Weaver Family during this time of sorrow Lord and I pray that you will fill this void with your love and comfort. Amen.