Friday, August 29, 2008

My First Week of Kindergarten

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This was my first week of Kindergarten. I go on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today we didn’t have school even though it is Friday. I get to spend the day at home with Mommy. We went to get a doughnut at the Fractured Prune. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Myers. Damian, Leighland, and Deric are in my class. In Bible we talked about how God made everything. In math we talked about left and right, inside and outside, top/middle/bottom, and before/after/between. We also talked about the letter “I”. We had music with Mrs. Gerber, art with Mrs. Kobin, and library with Mrs. Hubler. I checked out a Clifford book to bring home. That is all I want to say about Kindergarten. By Jordan


The Weaver's World - Part 2 said...

What a handsome guy! It looks like you're going to do some fun things this year!

Lots of love,

KK said...

Great job on the post Jordan!
Great hard to believe these guys are in Kindergarten already!

Nancy said...

Sounds like a busy first day! I am sure you will be such a great student!

Nancy said...

I am a little upset that I am not invited to read the rest of the story @ Weaver's World part 2. I am feeling so left out. wink wink.

Hilsher Hollow said...

Jordan, I love that you wrote on the blog. Isn't Kindergarten so fun???!!!