Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Applesauce

On Saturday we went to Masonic Villiage and picked apples to make applesauce. We picked four boxes (1/2 bushel). We made applesauce out of the four kinds of apples for about 3 hours. It is very nice in February to go to the freezer and get out some yummy applesauce and remember going to the orchard to pick the apples. Jordan's favorite part is getting to help Daddy turn the handle on the Victorio Strainer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a wonderful machine which allows us to make the applesauce without taking off the skins or taking out the seeds first. We just quarter the apples, throw them in a pot with a little water, and cook them until they are soft. Then Stefan dumps them into the top of the machine and cranks the handle. The seed and skins come out one side and the wonderful applesauce comes out the front. My job then is to add a little sugar and cinnamon and put it in the freezer containers.


KK said...

wow..that's great. I just saw for the first time at MOPs how to make applesauce. Thank goodness for those apple machines! Feel free to add my blog to your list.

Nancy said...

I so want to learn how to do this!! We just pick apples and I make pies and cakes and waffles and anything else I can think of to put apples in.

Jen said...

We just made two batches of applesauce the other week as well! LOVE DOING THIS WITH THE KIDS!