Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Wonderful Son

There were two things that happened recently that made me so proud of Jordan. The first was that he scored a 100% on his very first math test ever. I know he works hard and wants to do well in his school work.

The second thing that made me even prouder happened last Wednesday night at Sparks. His leader told me that during game time a boy on a different team got hurt during one of the games. Jordan saw that he had to sit out from the rest of the games and asked if he could go over and sit with the boy so that he wouldn't feel lonely. Hearing about his empathetic attitude made my heart swell. God has certainly blessed Stefan and I with a wonderful son.


KK said...

Wow! What a sweet boy!
Congrats Jordan on a perfect score on your math test!!!

Susanne said...

Great job Jordan!

Amy said...

Awe!!! He is such a sweet boy! I have always loved how he runs up to Maggie and says Hi!!! He used to hug her...and even me sometimes but I think he may be growing out of his huggy stage, well at least with Maggie. Unfortunately, boys do that sometimes. should be proud of how great you and Stefan must be as parents to have such a great, compassionate son.

Robbie said...

Jordan I am so proud of you for your hard work and getting such an awesome grade on test, But just as glad that you have such a kind heart and are thoughtful of everyone. You definetly make God smile alot. Your welcom for you teddy bear blankie and feel special that it si so special to you. Hugs and kisses to you and squirmy micheal weaver and Love to you Mom & Dad
Aunt Robbie

Robbie said...

Joy, I just read the comment I sent and boy did I mess up on some of it. If you don't understand what I meant on some of it let know and please excuse the typing errors.

Aunt Robbie

Nancy said...

Amen! You really do have one special and amazing son. I just love spending time with you guys!!