Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jordan Lost His First Tooth!

Jordan finally lost his first tooth. Last summer I noticed that he had his bottom front right adult tooth coming in behind his baby tooth. When he went to the dentist in August the dental assistant said that it is very common for that to happen. He now has both bottom front adult teeth fully in. On April 3 Jordan let Mommy pull his loose bottom front left tooth. He doesn’t have the typical visible gap in his teeth because he already has that big tooth ready to (hopefully) slide into the empty spot. We now just have to work on that other bottom front tooth which is a little loose.
The tooth fairy had to visit while we were at my Aunt Robbie’s house because we went up to see my cousin Taylor in her high school play “Bye, Bye, Birdie” (she did great, but the play is kind of weird). We had to put the tooth fairy box (thanks Jen for leading that craft) in the hall under a pillow because “the dogs were sleeping in the bedroom with Jordan and Taylor and the tooth fairy might be allergic to the dogs and sneeze” (or Jordan was wired, but Taylor was tired and wanted to go to sleep. She was supposed to put the money in the box after he fell asleep. We came up with the story in order to get the box in the hall where the “Tooth Fairy” [or Mommy] could put the money in). Jordan was excited to wake up to find $5 and a golden dollar in place of his tooth. Daddy was reassured that the tooth fairy only gives that much money for the first tooth and each subsequent tooth will be much less. Mommy thinks that losing your first tooth is super exciting and that’s why the tooth fairy put that much money in the box. The golden dollar was a bonus for being at Aunt Robbie’s house.

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