Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday, November 28 by Joy

     Well we finally made it to our last stop on our trip.  We had a wild trip from Nanjing to Guangzhou (pronounced gwawng zso(long o sound).  Our guide in Nanjing thought that our plane would be delayed because of fog, but we decided to just go wait at the airport.  We go there a little later than we originally planned and found out that it wasn't delayed.  We ended up sprinting for a long time through the airport to get to our gate.  I thought that I was going to pass out because half the time I was carrying Taylor (who is 24 pounds).  We got to the gate and they were loading people onto a bus to take them to the airplane.  We ended up having to take a second bus after the first filled up.  As we were waiting, we realized that nobody's seats were together.  Taylor and Jordan were all by themselves.  We told the flight attendants about it as soon as we boarded and they asked people to switch seats so that Taylor and I sat next to each other and my mom was in the middle seat across the aisle from us.  Stefan and Jordan were in the back of the plane about 8 rows behind us.  We ended up having to sit in the airplane for two hours because air traffic control was trying to sort out the mess from all the previous flights being delayed because of fog.  Taylor would have been fine if we would have taken off on time, but she got really antsy about 1 hour into our actual flight (3 hours of being on the plane).  We had two crying episodes which had to be solved with lollipops.  We are finding that to be a good distraction (bribe) when we know unpleasant things are happening to her.  When we finally landed, two of our bags and D. and C.'s two bags were not there.  Our guide was waiting behind the glass partition and Stefan and D. were able to communicate to her through a crack.  She was able to find out that our bags were sent on another flight so we had to drive to another terminal to pick them up.  We were very thankful to finally get to our hotel at around 9:00.  We hadn't eaten lunch or dinner because of the plane fiasco (we did have a snack on the plane-cherry tomatoes, chocolate cake muffin, sweet roll, and peanuts-and Taylor ate all of her snacks that I packed)  thankfully I had some granola bars and peanut M &M's in my backpack.  We ended up at Lucy's (semi-American food) for a late night dinner.  The food was pretty good.  We will probably go back several times.
     We love Guangzhou. It is on a small island called Shaiman Island.  Our hotel is wonderful.  We chose to stay at the Victory Hotel even though the White Swan is the traditional adoption hotel.  There are many families here that are adopting.  We get to see them at breakfast.  We are getting a suite and another room for not much more money than a small room at the White Swan.  Our room is a Japanese style room so the bed is up a step and the mattress is on the floor.  I almost broke a leg last night when Taylor woke up crying and I forgot that I had to step down.  We love the bed.  It is so soft.  We have had rock hard beds in the last two hotels.  We have a suite so you walk into the room and there is a 1/2 bath on the left and then a sitting room with a couch, chair, coffee table, tv, and a computer desk.  In our bedroom we have a full bath with a walk-in shower and a tub w/a shower.  My mom and Jordan are next door.
     D., C., and E. are staying at the White Swan.  It is a beautiful hotel with a waterfall in the lobby.  We will go there to get photos on the red couch. 
     Today was visa photo day.  Taylor was very mad that the lady took her flower headband out of her hair for the picture.  I am so glad that she lets me put them on her.  After the picture we went for the medical exam.  She had to get a TB test.  She cried for just a little bit because we had given her a lollypop.  We then went to the height, weight, and temperature room.  The next room had a doctor who checked her heart, and then checked her growth on her head.  She gave him her mean look.  She started crying when he made her lay down and took off her pants and diaper to check her hips.  She already hates it when we change her diaper, and she really didn't want that Chinese doctor to do it.  We got her calmed down and then we moved to the ENT room or as Taylor probably thinks of it--the room of torture.  She was fussing and swatting away the doctor's hands as she tried to look in her ears.  Then the doctor needed to look in her mouth and she wanted no part of that.  It took me holding her and pinning her arms down, Stefan holding her head still, and the doctor prying her mouth open.  We have to go back on Monday to have her TB test read.
     We dropped Taylor off at our room with my mom and Jordan (who didn't go to the exam) and then went to the business center at the White Swan to do paperwork with our guide, Helen.  It took a while.  There are so many forms to fill out.  We discovered where a Subway was on our way back so we picked up everyone at the hotel and walked there to get lunch.  We ate in a park in the center of the island.  There were several brides getting pictures taken in the park.  We walked and looked in some shops and ended up in a shop called Jordon's.  We had met him on our way to do the paperwork and in the park when we were eating our lunch.  We told him that we had a son named Jordan and we would be by his shop.  We bought a doll for Taylor and Jordan got a toy which already broke (causing a meltdown due to tiredness).  Jordon made a paper that had Taylor's name on it in English and Chinese.  I kept saying that I really liked him and we found out that he is a brother in JC.  We are going to go back and buy more things in his shop.
     We went out to eat for supper with some new friends that stayed at our hotel in Nanjing.  We were really craving something a little closer to food from home so we went to an Italian restaurant.  Jordan, my mom, Taylor, and I had spaghetti.
Tonight I was looking for the green cup that I make Taylor's formula in.  I said to her, "Do you know where your cup is (after looking all over for it)."  She went over to the coffee table and picked up her other cup and brought it to me.  I really think that she knows what we are saying to her.  She is a very smart cookie.  She is very vocal and makes lots of sounds that resemble chimpanze noises.  We call her our little monkey.  We have had a few two year old tantrums, but overall she is a very good girl.  She loves riding in the stroller and loves her pacifier.  I don't think she had one at the orphanage, but she is attached to it now.
     Tomorrow we are going to go sightseeing and shopping.


Alyson & Ford said...

Glad all is going well! (every trip seems to have some adventure, glad yours is over!)
Enjoy your time in GZ!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

I'm enjoying following your trip. Your daughter is such a pretty girl. Good to know things are going well!

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