Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 25 by Joy

Today we went to a museum about Nanjing (the city we are in). There were several rooms including a jade room, a porcelain room, a brocade room, and a pottery room. We bought several cool things in the brocade room.
After the museum we went to a jade factory. They tried to sell us some expensive jade pendants, but we ended up buying the cheaper ones.
We had asked our guide, Nancy, if she knew where we could get a cake to celebrate E. and Taylor's birthdays since we missed them in September. Their birthdays are only 4 days apart although Taylor is a year older. She told us that we would be receiving a cake from the hotel at 5:00. We all gathered in my mom's room and celebrated their birthdays. The cake was topped with peaches, kiwi, and dragonfruit. It was pretty good.
We attempted a bath tonight and it went well. We thought maybe she would cry since she doesn't like to get her diaper changed, but I think that because Jordan was in the tub with her and she had lots of toys to play with she did okay.
We have her Thanksgiving jammies on tonight and she is peacefully sleeping. Stefan will post some pics of our day.

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The Gang's Momma said...

Congratulations! I've been following along, reading about 4 or 5 posts at a time. So happy for you all. She's beautiful and looks very healthy. Spend lots of time snuggling and playing and loving on each other - and enjoy the soft beds in GZ. I'm sure you'll get more rest there :)