Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bad Blogger: Sight and Sound

I have been really bad at blogging this last month.  With school starting and a lot of fun things we have been doing, I haven’t  gotten around to it.  I am going to try to catch up this week.

On Saturday morning, August 28, we went to Sight and Sound because it was Kid’s Cookie Break morning.  Kid’s Cookie Break is a Saturday morning kid’s program on the Christian radio station that we listen to.  Right now Sight and Sound Theater is doing productions of Joseph.  This particular morning they had the lobby filled with fun things for children to do.  They had face painting, costumes to try on, actors in costume walking around, and trained animals to pet.  They also had two interactive performances of Joseph for the children to act in.  We went to the 11:00 show and Jordan was picked to be part of the performance.  He was one of the sheaves/stars and part of the Ishmaelite caravan that bought Joseph.  He had a great time.  I told him how great I thought it was that he was courageous enough to participate in fun things like this without being scared/shy.  One of the highlights of his morning was getting his picture taken with Lisa Landis, the host of Kid’s Cookie Break.
Jordan with Lisa Landis
Petting the tame skunk
100_7961 100_7951 100_7952 100_7955 100_7956 100_7957 100_7958 100_7959 Jordan with Joseph and Pharoh
IMG01020-20100828-1106 IMG01027-20100828-1114 100_7967 IMG01021-20100828-1107

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That looks like so much fun!