Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pretty Princess

Wow!  It is hard to believe that you are 3 years old today.  I am so sad that I missed being with you on your last 3 birthdays, but I am happy that we get to spend this one together.  I know that you will thoroughly enjoy your "happy to you" party on Saturday.
I love you,

Earliest pic we have

Around 1 year old

3 years old

2nd birthday party in China


groovy mama said...

Happy Birthday T-Bug!!! I LOVE so MUCH and i can't wait to hug you up!

Jen said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!!!!!!! I get the feeling that you are going to REALLY enjoy some cake :)

Amy Murphy said...

When we were waiting to go to China, I would get so sad seeing everyone (it seemed) post picture videos of their children's first year (or years) for their first (or second) birthday and knowing that we would miss our son's first birthday. Then the dissappointment when we missed his second. So, I know how you feel there. It was sooooo exciting to be able to celebrate his first (third) birthday here, though!!! I don't even regret missing the first two.
Have a great first (third) birthday with your little one! You will enjoy it!

Adrian Roberta said...

Looking forward to the Pictures!!! PIng's 5th birthday is coming up soon (her 1st one since being home) we are crazy excited to plan this Bash! Looking for some awesome ideas (-:

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor, my Changzhou buddy!

Love, Tyson (and his mom!)