Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's Fun to Stay at the Y-M-C-A

Really it is. We spent two nights in Hong Kong at the Salisbury YMCA. So what were you picturing in your mind. Rooms with bunk beds. Shared shower rooms. It was nothing like that. We had a beautiful hotel room with a great view of the harbor even though we did end up with two twin beds.
I kind of forgot where we were when I heard the music at breakfast. It was It Is Well, With My Soul. Then I remembered what YMCA stands for. We also heard great instrumental Christian music at breakfast.
There was a gift shop with many Bibles in Chinese and English.
Here are some pictures of the room.


Amy Murphy said...

Did you buy a Chinese Bible? That would be awesome to give to the girls (maybe when they're older.)

Kristen Cowles said...

Love the idea of Chinese Bible for the girls...too cute! I'm DYING to see pics when you get her!!!!