Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Day Closer, by Stefan

Tonight (Tuesday), we went to Lucy's (again) for dinner with friends.  Afterward, we went down to the river front to check out the riverboats and the lights.  It is hard to realize that our little island is actually a part of a larger city of over 10 million people.

This morning, we had a photo shoot with Taylor and 3 other adopted girls who we've made friends with their parents.  The girls didn't cooperate all that well (glad I don't work at Picture People and have to get great shots with little kids looking at the camera).  Some said the better shots may have been a video of the parents trying to get there kids to look at the cameras.

This afternoon, Joy, Jordan and I had a chance to check out a place that would put Flea Markets in Lancaster County, PA to shame (Grandma stayed with Taylor at the hotel).  Joy referred to it as a "Flea Market on steroids".  Eight floors of shops, there must have been over a thousand vendors with booths that contain all kinds of new things to buy... Just think of all the things made in China all under one roof.  You name it, they had it.

We bought Jordan a micro remote control car.  Imagine a matchbox car with RC controls.  Better yet, it cost us about $4.50.  I'm going back tomorrow to get more with a guy that wants to get some for his kids.

Afterward, we went to KFC for lunch.  The Colonel Sander's original recipe never tasted better.

Another interesting fact is that we took a 10 minutes cab ride and it cost about $1.50 each way (not bad).

Tomorrow (Wednesday), our paperwork will be submitted at the US Consulate.  All the forms that we filled out on Sunday will be submitted on our behalf, for Taylor, by our facilitator.  We will wait to hear from her if any additional information is needed.

We hope you are having a great day!  Good night, from Guangzhou.

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The Gang's Momma said...

Catching up here, after being away from a computer for the T'giving holiday. LOVE the pics - so happy for you guys. Enjoy the shopping. If I may, stock up on the two pc. outfits for T - they last forever. Li'l Empress STILL can wear the red and gold one we bought her. The sheath-style dress we also bought her made it through one month of home cooking and that's all before she outgrew it. Also, look for Christmas ornaments - I just read a great post about incorporating Chinese culture on your Christmas tree and the significance of being intentional about it. It was very meaningful to me and thought you'd be able to pick up some inexpensive stuff for T while you are there!

Enjoy! Can't wait to meet your girl :)