Saturday, December 5, 2009

Guess what's for Lunch

We have arrived in Beijing. We will have plenty of time to make our next flight (over 3 hours). We've heard that the concourses are huge in Beijing airport.

No big surprise that we'd have rice with our lunch on our Air China flight from GZ. Unfortunately, we couldn't really stomach the mystery that accompanied it. Any guesses on what it was (we think we figured it out).


Alyson & Ford said...

We couldn't eat it either! Hoping you are safely home!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for 14 Months

groovy mama said...

Chris Said was MUSHROOMS!

joymweaver said...

It may just have been lost in translation, but we're pretty sure it was egg plant. We thought our choices were 'fish and rice' or 'pork and rice'. When we lokked at it, we were each convinced it was eel, but it didn't smell fishy. Stefan took one bite and it made him gag. Stefan