Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking the Oath, by Stefan

Today was the day for us to go to the US Consulate. There were a lot of families there to sign their paperwork requesting a visa for their adopted Chinese immigrant child. In our case, when we land in the US and they stamp Taylor's passport/visa, she will become a US citizen. We had to take an oath regarding our request for US citizenship on Taylor's behalf. It was a short, but nice little ceremony. We weren't allowed to take cameras into the consulate, so we took a picture by the sign for the consulate on the first floor.

Tomorrow (Friday), we will be sightseeing and taking a riverboat cruise for dinner. We started packing tonight and will use an extra suitcase that we bought for our souvenirs.

Grandma Judy had a 90-minute massage tonight. She said it was the best money she spent in China. We're all thankful for a relaxed po po (Grandma). By the way, Taylor is now calling her po po :).

Our spirits are lifting in anticipation of our last few days in China and our return to the States. It has been a great journey, and our precious little girl was certainly worth the wait.

Good night from Guangzhou!

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