Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love Strawberries!

I love strawberry season. We do have some strawberries growing behind our shed and next to our house however we mainly just eat those as we pick them. I like to freeze strawberries to use to make jam for PB &J sandwiches, so I usually pick strawberries every year. Last year Jordan and I went and picked them (in the blazing hot sun) without Stefan. This year I asked Stefan if he would go with Jordan while I went to yard sales with Taylor (we wouldn't have had anything to do with her if both of us went picking.) On Saturday morning Stefan and Jordan went to pick and came back with some awesome berries. I love the place that we pick our berries because the type of berries they grow there have hulls that stick out of the top of the berries so they are easy to hull.

I do have to say that it is much better hulling the strawberries when you didn't already spend several hours in the hot sun picking them that morning.

I made a batch of freezer jam, froze smashed berries in portion sizes for future batches of jam, and kept some for us to eat-especially my two little strawberry lovers.

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