Sunday, June 27, 2010

Surgery Results

Taylor's surgery went well. It started around 8:30 and we were taken to see her around 11:00. She was agitated when she started coming out of anethesia because she couldn't find a comfortable position to lay in.
When we got to her room where she was going to spend the night, she had some apple juice, but it didn't stay down. After a long nap, she decided that she wanted to eat some supper, but that didn't stay down either. After a dose of Zophran in her IV, she kept down some crakers and ginger ale and fell asleep for the night.
I stayed at the hospital and did NOT get a good night's rest. Her IV thing dinged twice in the night and I had to buzz for the nurse. Of course the nurses came in several times during the night and I tried to sleep through them. The chair/bed was really not comfortable. I am not sure how parents do it who have to stay for long periods of time with their children in the hospital.
On Friday when Taylor woke up, she was definitely back to her normal self. I don't think that she has stopped talking since she woke up. She is sure a tough one. Other that the anethesia and one dose of Tylenol at 2:30 on Thursday-she had NO pain meds. I am not sure that I could have brain surgery and not have any medication for several days afterword.
Here is Taylor doing her "I am so glad to have these stupid IVs out of my feet" dance.

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Amy Murphy said...

sooo glad she is doing so well, so soon! sorry you had to spend the night... i know how it is! i can't believe she was running around the day after; she IS tough, and with hardly any meds!!! so glad that is behind you!