Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taylor's Surgery Tomorrow

Taylor will have surgery tomorrow to remove the encephalocele on the back of her head. This was one of her special needs (the other is cleft lip) which allowed us to adopt her from China. In the sack on the back of her head she has some brain which is dead.

She has to report to admissions at Hershey Medical Center at 7:00 in the morning. We were hoping it would be early because she is not allowed to eat/drink anything after 12:00 tonight. Her surgeon, Dr. Dias, is a great surgeon so we are praying it will go well. She is probably get to go home without spending the night if she is doing well.

Please pray that there are no complications and for speedy healing.


groovy mama said...

Okay T-bug, hugs to you and i will be waiting to here from mommy about you.

Love you,

Jen said...

Take care sweet girl! We will be thinking about you!